1. Juli 2019

Studying Content Strategy & Blogging About it

This blog used to be about beautiful things in life. That has changed a lot since I started my master's degree programme at FH Joanneum in Graz. One of our tasks has been to write a portfolio about our time in the program. You will find all posts related to this task tagged with "Studying Content Strategy". This will be my final post with this tag. Here are my thoughts on this project. 

A Portfolio? Not Really.

Our blogs on content strategy were supposed to be portfolios. The name alone was a turn-off for me. A portfolio is supposed to showcase my best work. I do not consider my student work portfolio-ready, it's a work in progress. While reading the blogs of my fellow students I can see though that some have found their voice with their portfolios, and those voices are beautiful and clear. Check out Xenia's blog Contentworthy for example, Marijana's podcast or Barbara's website. I loved reading - or listening to - their content. 

A Content Strategy Blog Lacking a Content Strategy

With these blog posts I have been lazy and anti from the beginning. I did not want to write any of them. I did not like the idea and thus I did not want to really think about what t could become. That is where my laziness kicked in: I just started writing without a real strategy. When I read some of my content strategy posts now, I realize I like them, maybe I even love some. If I had given them a frame from the beginning, maybe they would now be part of a beautiful concept. As it is, they are floating in space now. A bit sad.

How Could it Have Gone Differently?

I am a perfectionist, I do not like to show people work in progress - unless that work in progress is already great. This whole project would have needed a different frame for me: Maybe a common blog for all of us where we could have stayed anonymous. Or a log book – you know that old fashioned thing made of paper. I did not feel comfortable putting out myself online while learning something new.

What Will Become of This Space?

It will probably be shut down. At least until I find out what I want to do with it. Until I have finally managed to create a proper content strategy for it. I do not even know what it is going to be about. I might go back to blogging about design, or create a real portfolio, or maybe I will come up with a completely new idea. Next time I will not be so lazy about it and start with a content strategy.

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