27. Dezember 2018

Starting Your Own Business Step 3:
Craft Your Content Strategy

You have spent time to define your offer and your target audience. You have also observed your competition and brands you call your role models. Now it’s time to look at all the material you have collected and draw clues from it for your own content strategy. The tips below are partly drawn from “The Content Strategy Toolkit” by Meghan Casey . It is the best hands-on book I know on the topic. If you want to dive deeper into the topic, get the book!
With your content strategy you want to make sure that you offer the right content, in the right place, at the right time, to the right people (Brain Traffic Blog). Now grab a bunch of sticky notes and a pen before you read on.
Photo: Laura Olsen, Unsplash

The Goal

What is your content supposed to accomplish? Do you want to inform? Is it supposed to sell right away? Do you want to offer help with something? Jot down each goal on a sticky note and stick them to a wall group them on a wall in a line.

The Right Content

Go through all your findings from the two steps before and ask the question: What content should I produce? What content will help get across my goals best? What will make my customers understand why they should buy from me, why they should trust me? You can look for inspiration to your competitors. Remember though that an ebook might not be as helpful for your customers as it is to theirs. Grab your sticky notes again, put down each idea on one of them and group them on the wall next to the goal it fits best. Maybe you need to duplicate some content ideas because they can help reach several goals.

The Right Place

Now to the next cluster: Where should you offer your content? It doesn’t always have to be your website. What about social media? Or a local event in your industry? Mark each of your content ideas with one or several little symbols that each stand for a place. In the example below the heart stands for a website, the circle for Instagram and the triangle for a newsletter.

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