1. Mai 2018

8 Tools to Stay Organized

Organizing yourself is always important and never easy. You can get away with neglecting it if there isn't too much on your plate. As soon as you have several things in life to juggle it becomes imperative to up your organizational skills. Work and study anyone? Or work and parenting? Or all three? The first step to get organized well is to know what exactly it is you want to get done. I wrote down what's important to me on slips of paper as I like to touch and see my thoughts.

Keep Work, Study & Your Personal Life in Separate Systems

After looking at the many parts of my life that are important to me, I decided to organize them separately. As great as the thought of having everything in one place sounds – Will you be really capable of keeping an overview of dozens and dozens of items at a glance?

Of course many areas in our life overlap, but keeping the organizational part separately helps to keep an overview. At work I use Outlook Tasks, Outlook Calendar and Post it notes. For my master's program on the side I work with Slack, Trello, Asana and Google Calendar. Privately I work with Google Calendar and reminders on my phone. 

Below I will explain the benefits of each of the tools I use to stay organized. This is not a complete list but tools that I have been using for some time and which help me tackle certain challenges.

Make Your Tasks Tangible with Post it Notes

Our development team works agile and many walls are covered with Post it notes. One of the nicest things about that: You can literally grab a task and move it around. I use Post it notes to split up projects into small steps. After a step is completed, I can move it to my "Done" section and concentrate on the next step. That is quite satisfying. I also use different colored notes for different projects to keep them apart.

Post it notes on a wall
Photo: David Travis

See the Tasks for Today in Microsoft Tasks

At work I've added "Tasks" to my Outlook sidebar. It's great for seeing upcoming deadlines and for setting reminders. I can also set alarms for each task so that it will pop up on my screen. Tasks can also be set as recurring so that they will appear again after a set time. This is great for weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks.

Set up More than Meetings in Microsoft Calendar

While this is the calendar for all my meetings and calls at work I will use it for more than that. Block time slots with yourself to prepare for important meetings or for going for a run during lunch break. This way you are blocked for invitations and win back some control over your time. I've seen colleagues insert their leaving time into Outlook so others could see when they would not be available anymore. Smart.

Working with Big Teams in Slack 

Slack is the main communication tool for my master's program. I love how a big group of students can effectively interact in groups, share files and work on projects together. Each subject has its so-called channel and on top we do group work in private conversations. It's worth taking a look.

Working in Slack

Organizing Tasks in Trello

This Kanban-inspired tool 
is our main organization tool from our lecturers to us. All our tasks are organized in cards. They are like Post it notes but better as they have all materials we need linked or attached. This gives us a good general overview of what we need to do and we can also see what will come.

Trello in action
Trello in action

Google Calendar Unites Private Appointments and Study

I've connected my private calendar to that of my university and now I have all courses and private appointments in one calendar. It makes sense for me to combine these two as they both take place outside office hours. That way I can check easily whether I am available for friends in the evening or whether I have an online course.

Asana Lists all My University Tasks

I use this app as my task board for university. While Trello lists all tasks for all students, I only insert the ones from my courses into Asana. Each subject has it's own column and I break down the tasks from Trello into small chunks for me here. I can see what needs to be done for each subject and can tick tasks off.

Asana Board
Asana Board

Reminders on my Phone Save me Daily

If I don't write stuff down, I will forget about them for sure. Need to dress nicely for a business meeting? My phone will remind me in the morning at around the time I know I will get dressed. Have a workout during lunch break? My phone will remind me to pack my workout clothes. Promised a book to a coworker? My phone will tell me. The less I need to remember these days, the better!

These are my go-to tools. How do you stay organized? Do you have simpler solutions? I think I could still improve my strategy.

16. März 2018

In Search for Work, Life, Study Balance

Since September I am juggling a job, a master's programme and a life. Please leave a comment if you're in this situation as well, so I know I'm not alone out there. For my part, I'm just starting to learn how to stay sane in the midst all of it. I'll need to cut some aspects of my job – and not my most important relationships. Read on for the painful process that led to this newly found wisdom and I how I plan to execute on it.
open laptop on a wooden desk with magazines, a notebook and pencils
Photo: Jasmin Alber

Looking for New Adventures...

After working as a marketing manager for a few years I was yearning for new input, more knowledge to trigger my brain cells and bring fresh ideas to the table. Content marketing has taken my professional world by storm – and my marketing heart as well. Thus I kept my eyes open for training opportunities in that field. I read dozens of blog articles and eBooks, completed several Hubspot trainings and finally stumbled upon the Content Strategy Master's Programme of the FH Joanneum, the University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria. I was instantly intrigued: This programme would go far beyond content marketing. I would broaden my skill set in so many other exciting fields as well – and the best part: This master's programme is designed for people with jobs! Most of the courses would take place online with some presence weeks in beautiful Graz.
I applied right away and was accepted to the small group of 25 students (from 80 applicants if I may add with some pride). The first semester is now over and I'm in the midst of learning my first life lesson – after already learning a lot about content audits, content briefs, buyer personas, copy writing, Markdown, basic coding and so much more.
woman sits at a table and writes into a notebook
Photo: Jasmin Alber

…Without Being Ready to Give up Old Ones

In order to make studying possible I cut my hours at work, from 40 hours a week to 34. I would still work full time when I was in Nuremberg and built up overtime for the presence weeks in Graz. To compensate my absence I got a working student for about two days a week. I thought I was so well organized and that it would work out no prob.
How wrong I was! The courses, home works, group works and presence times hit me in the face hard. Although I love everything we learn and I especially enjoy working things out with my fantastic fellow students, I completely underestimated the work load of it all. At the same time I overestimated the load a working student would be able to take off my shoulders. I got a really bright and hard-working one but he is still a student and I cannot hand over anything strategic.
So I worked, studied and slept, neglecting my friendships, my marriage and myself. It's only two years, I told myself. I can do this for two years. My body didn't think so. I hardly ever get sick. By now that last sentence is past tense.

Learning to Find Balance the Hard Way

I've been sick three times since I started to study six months ago. When I got sick first, I understood that I can't neglect relationships. I knew I had to make time for the most important people in my life and I did. When I got sick the second time I knew it was from stress but ignored it. I could rest when I was dead, right? I've always wanted to be strong – and perfect at everything I do. I don't think it's wrong to be a bit of a perfectionist but I keep forgetting to choose my battles. I want it all, and all at once.
This attitude has brought me to my knees now. As of today I've had a severe cold for 10 days. Last time I was ill this long I was in preschool and suffered from Scarlet fever! A cold never lasts longer than two days with me so I asked my doctor what was wrong. His answer couldn't have been clearer: "Your immune system has been weakened for some reason." Whoops. Call me a moron but I still tried to work from home until I couldn't even get out of bed anymore. I had to promise my husband that I will change my ways so he wouldn't have to make tea for me that often (okay, the reason he wanted my promise was probably a bit more romantic).
woman sitting at a laptop with one hand typing and holding a cup of tea with the other
Photo: Jasmin Alber

Big Plans for Small Changes

As I've said I know I cannot go on in my job pretending I still work full time. Not only is it not true but it really isn't helpful for anyone in the office if I get sick more often and they cannot count on me anymore. For me this will mean a few small changes that are still big steps for me:

1. I'll have to stop being so nosy

I love to know everything that's going in, in every department of the company. I keep up with parts of the intranet that don't even touch my work because I'm so curious. I love to see how other teams work and what they are working on. As much as I enjoy that part, I will have to cut it severely – at least for the time being. I will have to focus on my fields of work and on improving those.

2. I'll have to let go of administrative stuff

I love being in control of my stuff and thus I like to keep files, documents and check lists up-to-date myself. This is something that students could do, though. And it's time to let them do it. It's so easy to write this down but it will be hard. They will probably do it a bit differently than I would and I can be a bit anal about formatting and naming conventions.

3. I can't try to be perfect at everything

Sounds like a no-brainer but deep inside I guess I still believe that I can do it all. Time to focus on the really important things. Working on a campaign or an important business relationship? Time to let the perfectionist take over. – Working on an internal report? Keep it short, concise and informative. This all sounds so logical, I wonder why I'm not already doing all this.
Let's see how my battle plan works out. If you are in the same situation: How do you guys cope? I'm thankful for any ideas on how I can better balance this new life situation. 

9. Juli 2017

How to Easily Start Out With Your Minimalist Wardrobe

Wann habt ihr das letzte Mal euren Kleiderschrank ausgemistet? Ich mache das ein Mal im Jahr und sortiere dabei alles aus, was ich seit zwei Jahren nicht anhatte. Was raus muss, wird gespendet oder verschenkt. Das letzte Mal fiel mir bei der Aktion auf, dass ich anscheinend immer wieder dieselben Lieblingssachen trage bis sie buchstäblich auseinander fallen. "Vielleicht sollte ich einfach nur noch Lieblingsteile im Schrank haben", dachte ich und habe mich ein wenig in das Minimalist Wardrobe Konzept eingelesen. In Posts zum Thema sieht man viel schwarz-weiß und so war ich zunächst skeptisch, ob ein so farbenliebender Mensch wie ich das anwenden kann. Ich habe mir einen Guide von encircled dazu heruntergeladen und durchgearbeitet. Und ja, es geht - auch wenn man des öfteren gerne so aussieht, als sei man samt Klamotten in den Farbtopf gefallen.

When was the last time you cleaned out your wardrobe? I do it once a year and throw out everything that I haven't worn in two years. By throw out I often mean donate or gift to someone. Last time I did this I realized I seem to wear the same favorite pieces over and over again until they literally fall apart. I asked myself why not to go for favorite pieces only in my wardrobe and started looking into the minimalist wardrobe trend a bit deeper. As most posts on that concept feature a lot of black and white I wasn't sure at first whether it is something a color lover like me could pull of. So I downloaded a guide by encircled and worked through it. Bingo! A minimalist wardrobe is achievable even by someone who loves their daily overdose of colors.

1. Define Your Ideal Style

Der erste Schritt im Booklet ist, sich Gedanken darüber zu machen, womit man seine Tage verbringt. Wenn man zum Beispiel seine Freizeit hauptsächlich im Fitnessstudio verbringt, braucht man keine 30 Partykleider, dann reicht vielleicht ein kleines Schwarzes. Dieser Teil war besonders augenöffnend für mich. 

The first step in the booklet is to think about where you spend most of your time. Let's say you spend most of your free time at the gym - why would you need 30 party dresses then? One LBD might already do. This part was the most eye opening for me. 

Auch super: Der eigene Stil bestimmt, was deine neutralen Grundfarben sind. Ha! Pink und rosa sind also Grundfarben, wenn ich das so will.

AND (this made me smile real silly): Your style determines your neutrals. So pink is a neutral for me!

2. Perform a Closet Audit

Diesen Schritt hätte ich beinahe übersprungen. Ich weiß schließlich, was in meinem Schrank ist (dachte ich). Aber es ist doch überraschend zu sehen, wie viele Blusen, Jeans, Sandalen usw. man tatsächlich besitzt. Vergleicht man das Inventar dann mit der Aufteilung seiner Zeit, sieht man schnell, wovon man zu viel hat und wo vielleicht das ein oder andere Teil noch fehlt.

This was weird for me as I thought I knew exactly what I would find. But it's still surprising when you actually count how many blouses, jeans, sandals etc. you have. When you hold this against how you use your time you quickly see what you have way too many of and what pieces are still missing.

3. Architect Your Minimalist Wardrobe

Im letzten Schritt geht es darum, Outfits zusammenzustellen und herauszufinden, was man noch braucht. Nach den beiden Schritten davor ist das sehr einfach. Nun habe ich eine genaue Einkaufsliste und fühle mich weniger gefährdet, einfach irgendetwas zu kaufen, das mir im Augenblick gefällt oder stark reduziert ist. Denn wenn ich ehrlich bin, gebe ich solche Impulskäufe nicht selten kaum getragen weiter.

The last step is about putting together outfits and making a list of what you still need for your minimalist wardrobe. After the first two steps this is really easy. With the resulting shopping list I will hopefully not be tempted to buy something that just catches my eye or because it's on sale. The stuff we buy on impulse we hardly ever wear more than a couple of times.

Ihr bekommt das Workbook kostenlos, wenn ihr euch für den Newsletter von encircled anmeldet. Das ist keine Werbung, ich mag das Workbook nur sehr gerne und auch ihre Kollektion voller wandelbarer Kleidung.

You get the workbook for free if you sign up for encircled's newsletter. This is not an ad, I just really love the workbook and also their collection of versatile fashion.

2. April 2017

How to Easily Curate Beautiful Gift Boxes

Ich liebe Päckchen gefüllt mit schönen Kleinigkeiten. Dass ich da wohl nur eine unter Millionen bin beweisen die zahlreichen (Beauty) Box Abo-Services und auch stylische neue Geschenkkorb-Start-ups. An sich bin ich kein Fan von vorgefertigten Geschenken, aber ich schätze wie passend so manche dieser neuen Geschenkkörbe zusammengestellt wurden. Warum nicht von den Profis lernen?
For the housewarming party: a scented candle and pretty matches, a bottle opener, mini leather trays (custom made by canvasatlas) and tea towels
I love boxes filled with goodies. I guess I am one among millions here - looking at all those subscription services and stylish new gift box companies. While I'm not a fan of prepackaged gifts I love how well curated some of them are. Let's learn from the pros, shall we?

What Items Fit The Occasion Best?

Für welchen Anlass möchtest du einen Geschenkkorb zusammenstellen? Ist es ein Geburtstagsgeschenk, ist deine beste Freundin eben umgezogen oder startet sie einen neuen Job? Mach dir eine Liste von Dingen, die für den jeweiligen Anlass nützlich sind. Ja, ich habe gerade ernsthaft das Wort Geschenk mit dem Wort nützlich kombiniert. Denn im Idealfall ist ein Geschenk nützlich (= nachhaltig) UND schön. Zum Beispiel schadet zum Einzug nie ein Geschirrtuch oder ein kleines Schälchen für Schlüssel und ähnliches. 
For the friend with a new job: booklet on email etiquette (German), fair trade coffee and a pretty coffee spoon, Alex Ikonn's Productivity Planner, and a nice hand cream for her desk.

What is the occasion you need a gift box for? Is it a birthday, a housewarming party or is your best friend starting a new job? Make a list of the things that will be most useful for the occasion. Yes, I just used the term useful in combination with gifting. Ideally a gift is not only beautiful but also useful (= sustainable). For a housewarming you are never wrong with a tea towel or a little tray for keys and the like.

Choose The Most Beautiful Items You Can Find

Du hast deine Liste? Dann ab zum Einkaufen. Nimm von allem besonders schöne Ausführungen. Das heißt nicht, dass du unbedingt sehr viel Geld ausgeben musst. TK Maxx, H&M Home oder auch ein größerer Supermarkt haben oft schöne Dinge ganz preiswert. Achte darauf, dass die einzelnen Geschenke farblich und stilistisch zueinander passen. Das sorgt für den kuratierten Look.
For a friend who cherishes some quiet time: a scented candle and pretty matches, an hourglass, the five-minute journal and a pretty tray.

You got your list? Time for shopping. Pick the most beautiful pieces of everything on your list. This doesn't mean you have to break the bank. T.J.Maxx or Target often have very beautiful and affordable things. Look for consistency in color and style of your gifts. That will lend your gift box the curated look.

Shopping Tips for Curated Gift Boxes

Manche Optionen in meinen Beispielen sind recht kostspielig. Bei Duftkerzen gibt es leider keine Alternative, billige riechen zu künstlich. Manche gute Marken wie Diptyque und Skandinavisk bieten aber zumindest Miniversionen im Dreierpack an. Alternativ kann man aber auch eine schöne Kerze oder ein Teelicht im Glas ohne Duft verschenken. Statt der vorgeschlagenen Bücher lassen sich schöne Magazine zum Thema verschenken. Flow ist zum Beispiel eine gute Alternative für das Five-Minute-Journal in der Achtsamkeits-Box. Es gibt sehr viele Möglichkeiten, schöne Geschenk-Sets zusammenzustellen, Hauptsache die Geschenke sind schön und gleichzeitig nützlich (wo möglich). 
A feel-good-box for your best friend: handmade chocolate, lip butter, a pretty notebook, hand cream and a scented candle.

I have listed some rather expensive options above. In some cases it's a must. Please don't gift cheap scented candles, they smell too artificial. You can get mini versions of expensive candles like Diptyque or Skandinavisk. Or you could gift a pretty candle or votive glass without a scent. 
Instead of books I included in some boxes you can opt for a beautiful magazine with the right topic. Flow would be a great alternative for the five-minute journal in the mindfulness box for example. You have endless options for your box, just keep in mind: make the gifts pretty and useful where possible.

14. März 2017

How to Fill Your Scrapbook Without Spending on Accessories

Es soll eine Zeit gegeben haben, in der Sammelalben mit gesammelten Bildern geschmückt waren. Heute heißen sie Scrapbooks und für das Zubehör kann man ein kleines Vermögen im Bastelladen hinlegen. Nicht dass ich all die hübschen Sticker, Stempel und Motiv-Locher nicht schön fände, aber was solch ein Album anbelangt bin ich eher traditionell unterwegs. Hier eine kleine Anleitung, um zu den Wurzeln des Sammelalbums zurückzukehren.

Once upon a time scrap books were put together from scraps. Today you can spend a medium-sized fortune on scrap book accessories and embellishments. While I admire all those cute little stickers, stamps and hole punchers I am rather more traditional here. Here I've cllected a few ideas on how to get back to the roots of scrapbooking.

1. Get Basic Craft Supplies

Um loszulegen braucht ihr nur ein Notizbuch, eine Schere, einen Klebestift und ein paar Rollen Washi Tape. Letzteres ist auch der einzige "Luxus", der in meinem Scrapbook landet.

To get started you only need a notebook, a good pair of scissors, a glue stick and a few rolls of washi tape (the only "fancy" stuff I use for scrapbooking).

2. Collect Scraps

Ich habe eine Box voll gesammeltem Bildmaterial. Dort finden sich Ausschnitte aus Magazinen, Katalogen und Broschüren. Dazu Schokoladenpapier, Flyer und Kleideretiketten. Werbeaufkleber, Postkarten und Buntpapier. Eben heute habe ich bei Lush eine Broschüre zu Konservierungsstoffen mitgenommen - mit äußerst schönen Illustrationen. Sammelt einfach alles, was euer ästhetisches Empfinden anspricht.

I have a box full of pictures. You will find pictures from magazines in there, from catalogs and brochures. There are also nice chocolate wrappers, fyers and clothing tags. Stickers with ads on them, post cards and colored paper. Just today I have taken a brochure on preservatives in cosmetics with me while shopping at Lush. It's full of beautiful illustrations. Simply start collecting everything that matches your aesthetics.

3. Cut, Arrange & Paste

Nehmt euch Zeit und lasst eure Materialsammlung auf euch wirken. Welche Bilder passen gut zusammen? Welche Farben würden die Komposition ergänzen? Passt ein Lieblingszitat oder ein Tagebucheintrag dazu? Schneidet, arrangiert und klebt, was das Zeug hält. Und nicht wundern - manche Seiten werdet ihr als sehr gelungen ansehen, andere nicht. Die müsst ihr ja niemandem zeigen ;) Viel Spaß!

Take your time to access your collection of pictures. Which ones seem to go together naturally? Which colors would complete the composition? Does the arrangement call for a quote or a diary entry? Start cutting and glueing away. And don't be surprised - you will love some pages and others you won't. That's to expect and you don't need to show anyone the less fabulous results ;) Have fun!

24. November 2016

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa in 5 Steps

1. Organize Your Things Beautifully

Besorgt euch ein paar hübsche Tabletts und Körbchen für eure Schönheitsutensilien. Mit deren Hilfe wird euer Badezimmer einerseits aufgeräumt und andererseits werden die schönen Dinge durch die Präsentation auf einem Tablett noch aufgewertet. Die weniger schönen Dinge verschwinden in Körbchen und Boxen.

Get some pretty trays and baskets to group your beauty essentials. This way you not only tidy up but make your things look more important as they are beautifully displayed. Hide the less pretty things in nice boxes.


2. Add Plants to Your Bathroom

Ihr werdet staunen, wie sehr ein paar Pflanzen euer Badezimmer verändern werden. Und manche dieser Pflanzen werden euch für die dampfige Luft sehr dankbar sein, z.B. Farne, Sukkulenten und Orchideen. Ihr könnt ganz minimalistisch nur eine bis drei Töpfe aufstellen oder euer Bad in einen Dschungel verwandeln.

Adding some plants to the scene will change the place tremendously. And some plants like ferns, succulents & orchids will thank you for the steamy air. Go minimalist by adding only one to three pots or go wild and create your own indoor jungle. 


3. Bring in Art

Viele vergessen, Bilder in diesem privaten Raum aufzuhängen. Dabei macht Kunst ein Badezimmer so viel lebendiger. Egal, ob es ein Gemälde, ein
Kunstdruck oder euer Lieblingsspruch ist: rahmen und an die Wand damit!

Most people forget to hang pictures in their most private room. But it livens up the space so much. Whether it's a painting, some prints or your favorite quote: frame it and hang it.


4. Light a Candle or Two

Kerzen machen jeden Raum gemütlich. Perfekt, um im Bad zu entspannen. Wählt Duftkerzen, wenn ihr eurer Nase auch etwas bieten möchtet.

Candles have the power to make any space instantly cozy. Perfect, if you want to relax in the bathroom. Get scented candles if you like to add another level for your senses.


5. Get a Bath Tray

Wenn ihr kalte Winterabende genauso gerne in der Badewanne verbringt wie ich, braucht ihr ein Badewannentablett. Für euer Buch, eure Körperbürste, ein Glas Wein, ... 

And finally, if you love to spend as much time in the bathtub during wintertime as I do, you'll need a bath tray. For your book, your body brush, your glass of wine, ... 


Wenn ihr all diese Tipps befolgt, werdet ihr das Badezimmer gar nicht mehr verlassen wollen ;)

If you follow all of these tips, chances are you will not want to leave your bathroom anymore ;)

13. November 2016

9 Inspiring Coffee Table Books

Meine neun liebsten Bildbände drehen sich größtenteils um Einrichtungsthemen. Daher perfekt, wenn ihr zu Hause ein wenig umgestalten möchtet. Sie zeigen viele unterschiedliche Stile und auch, wie ihr sie für euch umsetzen könnt. Und dann habe ich noch ein paar Bücher in den Mix geworfen, die pure Augenweiden sind.

1. Design Sponge at Home vereint die schönsten Hausbesuche und DIY-Ideen des Blogs und wartet mit ein paar Extras auf. Ich bin dieses Buch etwa eine Million Mal durchgegangen.

2. Styled von Emily Henderson ist das heiß ersehnte Buch der besten Einrichtungs-Expertin der Welt (meiner Meinung nach). In dem Buch könnt ihr per Test herausfinden, welcher Stil zu euch passt und auch gleich sehen, wie ihr diesen umsetzen könnt.

3. Dominos Book of Decorating zeigt euch einige der schönsten Wohnungen, die ihr je gesehen habt. Zusätzlich bricht das Buch den Design-Prozess herunter und zeigt, wie man zu diesen wunderschönen Ergebnissen kommt. Ich habe dieses Buch eingesetzt, um Räume zu Hause umzugestalten (z.B. hier und hier).

4. See San Francisco von einer meiner liebsten Bloggerinnen, Visctoria Smith, ist ein Fest für die Augen. Und gefährlich noch dazu - man möchte sofort alles stehen und liegen lassen und das nächste Flugzeug nach San Francisco besteigen. Ich musste mich auch schon zurückhalten, nicht einzelne Bilder auszuschneiden und zu rahmen.

5. etc. von Sibella Court ist ein gedrucktes Kabinett der Kuriositäten. Ihre reichen Sammlungen an Stoffen, Muscheln, antiken Löffeln und vielem anderen werden euch für Stunden fesseln. Das Buch gibt es übrigens auch auf Deutsch.

6. Things We Love des New Yorker Modelabels Kate Spade wird euren Puls beschleunigen. Es strotzt nur so vor bunten, lebendigen Bildern, die sofortige Inspiration garantieren - für ungefähr alles.

7. Das Cocktail-Buch der Süddeutschen Zeitung habe ich vielleicht drei Mal für Rezepte verwendet. Aber es schon etwa hundert Mal durchgeblättert, bewundert, gestreichelt - ja, zwischen uns läuft was. Es ist einfach unglaublich schön und sehr außergewöhnlich gestaltet.

8. Kinfolk Home führt euch durch die kleinsten Wohnungen und größten Anwesen von Kreativen in der ganzen Welt. Und all diese unterschiedlichen Wohnräume haben ein sehr schön durchdachtes Einrichtungs-Design gemeinsam. (auch auf Deutsch erhältlich)

9. How to Be Parisian ist wie Tagebuchlesen, ein sehr witzig und frech geschriebenes Tagebuch voller intimer Photographien und schöner Zeichnungen. Es bringt zum Lachen und macht grundsätzlich gute Laune. Lesen! (hier geht's zur deutschen Ausgabe)

My nine favorite coffee table books are mostly about interior design and perfect if you would like to switch up your home decor. You'll see a lot of different styles in these and ways to make them work for you. And then I threw some pure eye candy into the mix for you.

1. Design Sponge at Home is a collection of the best home tours and DIYs of the blog plus some extras. I went through this probably a million times.

2. Styled by Emily Henderson is the long awaited book by the world's best interior designer (if you ask me). In the book she helps you find your personal interior style and shows you a bazillion ways to implement it.

3. Domino's Book of Decorating is a collection of some of the most amazing homes you will ever have seen. And it breaks down the process to show you how people got there. I used this book to redesign rooms in our home (see here and here).

4. See San Francisco by one of my favorite bloggers Victoria Smith is a feast for the eyes and makes you want to board the next plane to San Fran right away. More than once I've also been tempted to cut out some of the images to frame them.

5. etc. by Sibella Court is like a printed cabinet of curiosities. She has a collector's view on decorating. Thus the book is full to the brim of the most beautiful collections of fabric, shells, antique spoons and many more. You will lose yourself in this for hours, so beware.

6. Things We Love by fashion brand Kate Spade will make your heart beat faster. It's probably the most sophisticated scrap book of awesome image pairings you will find out there. Flip through this for instant inspiration - for anything really.

7. This cocktail book is only available in German but the design of it is so unbelievably beautiful, get it anyway. It's a gem of a book. I've only tried three of the cocktails in it as I prefer looking at it, touching it, caressing it. Yes, we have a thing together.

8. Kinfolk Home invites you into the homes of creatives all over the world. You'll see tiny homes and huge mansions, all styled elaborately no matter their size.

9. How to Be Parisian is like flipping through a diary, one with intimate photographs, witty illustrations and even wittier stories. This is a true feel-good, tongue-in-cheek and chuckle book. Get it.  

Hinweis: In diesem Post befinden sich Amazon Affiliate Links. Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung. / Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Thank you for your support.